CSR Workshop

The importance of CSR at 16th Ventures

At 16th Ventures, we understand the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in today’s business landscape. Our team of experts specialises in providing comprehensive CSR audits and creating effective strategies for companies looking to improve their social and environmental impact. Our CSR workshop is designed to help businesses understand their current approach and identify areas for improvement.

16th Ventures CSR Workshop: helping companies

From there, we work with you to develop a custom plan that aligns with your company’s goals and values. With our guidance, you can improve your reputation and build stronger relationships with your customers, employees, and communities. Contact us today to schedule your CSR workshop and create a more sustainable and responsible business.

CSR Workshop

Devote four consecutive half-day sessions to auditing the social responsibility policy of your company.

The participants:
The 16th Ventures team invites the executive team and middle management to participate in these workshops, up to 6 participants.





Definition of your challenges and objectives

Definition of participants

Drafting and distribution of the initial presentation

4 Consecutive half-day sessions

Individual interviews

Exercises to be completed for several parts of the project

Summary of concrete answers

Short and medium-term action plan

Drafting and distribution of the final presentation

Closing call of the project

Follow-up call 3 and 6 months after our intervention

Understanding social and environmental issues through the CSR workshop

16th Ventures is proud to offer a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Workshop for organisations looking to improve their impact on society and the environment. Our workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the project agenda, including market research and competitive analysis briefs. We aim to help organisations fully understand and address their challenges through various exercises and discussions.

Exercises to identify areas for improvement

The CSR Workshop is an excellent opportunity for organisations to gain a deeper understanding of their stakeholders’ critical social and environmental issues. We believe that this understanding is crucial for developing a successful CSR strategy. The market research and competitive analysis briefs will help organisations understand their industry and how their competitors approach CSR. This information is critical for developing a strategy aligned with the organisation’s values and goals and differentiated from its competitors.

Presentation of CSR workshop results

The exercises in the workshop are designed to help organisations identify the social and environmental issues that are most relevant to their business. Organisations can explore new ideas and solutions by engaging in discussions and brainstorming sessions. This approach encourages active participation and a willingness to think outside the box. The exercises will also help organisations identify areas where they have the most impact and where they can make the most meaningful contributions.

Requirements for a successful CSR workshop

At the end of the workshop, organisations will have the opportunity to present their research and analysis results to the group. This presentation is valuable for sharing findings with employees and partners and outlining a short- and medium-term action plan for addressing any identified issues. The exhibition’s goal is to make the information as clear and concise as possible so that everyone in the organisation can understand and support the CSR strategy.

Full opportunity to improve the social and environmental impact

To ensure the workshop’s success, organisations must allocate four half-days for participation, come prepared having completed the required reading and exercises, and be open to change. Active participation and a willingness to explore new ideas and solutions are essential to making the most of this opportunity. 16th Ventures is committed to working closely with organisations to help them develop a CSR strategy that aligns with their values and goals and impacts society and the environment.

Sharing findings and action plans with employees and partners

16th Ventures’ CSR workshop is a comprehensive and valuable opportunity for organisations looking to improve their social and environmental impact. Market research, competitive analysis briefs, and interactive exercises will help organisations understand their challenges and develop strategies tailored to their specific needs. The workshop will also allow organisations to share their findings and action plans with employees and partners and positively impact society and the environment.


CSR Diagnosis

• 1 ½ day session to audit your company’s CSR policy; and a short and medium-term action plan