Corporate Finance Workshop

We offer to generate a detailed financial analysis of your past results and forecasts for your company

Corporate Finance Workshop

Devote 4 consecutive half-day sessions to generate a detailed financial analysis and forecast for your company

The participants:
The 16th Ventures team invites the executive team and middle management to participate in these workshops, up to 6 participants





Definition of your challenges and objectives

Definition of participants

Drafting and distribution of the initial presentation

4 Consecutive half-day sessions

Individual interviews

Exercises to be completed for several parts of the project

Summary of concrete answers

Short and medium-term action plan

Drafting and distribution of the final presentation

Closing call of the project

Follow-up call 3 and 6 months after our intervention

An initial presentation will define the detailed project agenda, including market research and competitive analyses briefs and exercises to be completed for several parts of the project

A final presentation will allow you to formalise the complex challenges addressed in a simple and visual way, to summarise the answers provided and to define the short and medium-term action plan. This will become a tool to share with your employees and partners

In order to carry out the project successfully, you will need to free up 4 half days, come prepared having read the summary notes and having carried out the exercises, participate actively and to be ready for change


Corporate Finance Diagnosis Workshop

• 1 ½ day session to generate an in-depth financial analysis and forecasts for your company; as well as a short and medium-term action plan