Business Sale

A professional, unique and innovative business transfer and takeover support service that combines an independent audit by 16th Ventures, a business consultancy firm, and the expertise of Alcoba Paris International, a new real estate agency

Business Sale

Some problems
• The Covid-19 crisis and its management are leading to business closures
• There are more businesses for sale than potential buyers
• Being armed with 3 balance sheets and goodwill is no longer enough to obtain financing for the buyer
• The vast majority of real estate agencies are not actively seeking buyers

Relevant solutions
• Make the business as attractive as possible
• Attract as many potential buyers as possible to your table and support them in their takeover
• Ensure that the potential buyer can convince his banker thanks to an audit by an independent consultancy firm
• Find partners who will act for your success

Our commitments
• To achieve a quick and efficient sale of your business or commercial premises
• Alcoba Paris International gives you access to its network of collaborators and partners in France and abroad
• The diffusion strength of a real estate professional and the expertise of an independent consulting firm
• Our approach is human, professional and innovative

Our added value
• A powerful advert and a photography and visit coaching for the sellers
• A roadmap and concrete proposals for the sellers
• An in-depth strategic, financial and marketing analysis for buyers
• Personalised advice for the buyers

Our business model: commission based on the completion of the sale of the business