Strategy Co-creation

The consulting firm for start-ups and SMEs, pioneer in strategy co-creation


Strategy workshops

16th Ventures implements and facilitates accelerated strategy workshops for companies, consisting of several half-days

The objective of the workshops is to review the market and competitive environment, internal capabilities, marketing and market positioning, as well as the company’s business model

The goal is to co-create and elaborate a short and medium-term strategy together in order to immediately unleash the growth of your company

Strategy & Management

Provide answers to your strategic and managerial challenges to accelerate your growth and improve margins

Marketing & Digital

Provide answers to your marketing and digital challenges to validate and improve your market positioning

Business Creation

Generate a complete business plan, a fundraising strategy and a short term action plan for your company creation

Business Model & Business Plan

Validate and improve your business model and generate a complete business plan before launching

”We are disrupting the strategy consulting industry by rethinking its added value, we are 16th Ventures”

Our ambitions :
• To democratize and to energize the strategy consulting industry
• To make this service accessible to all companies, large or small
• To propose a rigorous accompaniment

Our values :
Quality expertise by prioritizing exchange, listening and personalized support