Management Consultancy

16th Ventures is the management consultancy for start-ups and SMEs specialising in « flash » consulting


By devoting 4 or 5 daily half-day sessions to your strategic, managerial, operational, marketing, digital, commercial or financial challenges, we will help you to provide concrete answers and develop a short and medium-term action plan, while enabling you to accelerate your growth and increase your margins

Strategy & Management

Provide answers to your strategic and managerial challenges to accelerate your growth and increase margins

Marketing & Digital

Provide answers to your marketing and digital challenges to validate and improve your market positioning

Business Creation

Generate a complete business plan, a fundraising strategy and a short term action plan for your company creation

Business Model & Business Plan

Validate and improve your business model and generate a complete business plan before launching

”We are disrupting the management consulting industry by rethinking its added value, we are 16th Ventures”

Our ambitions :
• To democratize and to energize the business consulting industry
• To make this service accessible to all companies, large or small
• To propose a rigorous accompaniment

Our values :
Quality expertise by prioritizing exchange, listening and personalized support